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Whole Foods Philosophy Workshop

Ready to make the shift towards a healthier lifestyle and diet? Delve into the nature of, and CURB cravings? Curious about the health benefits of seasonal, local whole foods? Learn to enhance your health by working with traditional Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic principles as a basis for self-directed dietary improvements. Embrace this opportunity to learn new life skills that take the ‘die’ out of diet, and embrace ‘whole foods to live for’. Seasonally appropriate whole foods appies and beverages served at each event. *This two hour workshop is presented occasionally throughout the year.


Next three event dates:
Saturday, January 30th, 2016, 3-5 PM
Sunday, April 24th, 2016, 2-4 PM
Saturday, September 24th, 2016, 6-8 PM
FEE $35 + GST @ the door, doors open half hour before each start time
Location: Vic West, B.C., near Save On Foods, address provided upon registration

Group size is limited to 8: to RSVP, contact Chef Laura @ 250.514.1544

*2 for 1 Special if you and one guest fully register by noon 7 business days prior to event.

$30 per person if fully registered by noon 5 business days prior to event

Also available as a Lunch & Learn for corporate educational event.
Cost: up to 8 guests, $250 plus GST, $25 per additional guest
Length: 1 hr in total; 35 mins for presentation, and 25 mins for discussion and food.

Materia Medica: A History of Grains 
*As presented to students at Pac Rim College

With contemporary interest in whole foods and ancient grains, and the gluten-free trend, Chef Laura presents a workshop that covers the history of grains as a food staple, pre-agricultural revolution to modern day farming, processing and distribution of grain.

‘As long as primitive humans were living in parts of the world where fresh food was available for hunting and gathering there was little need for agriculture. Various factors such as climate change and migration of tribes posed a challenge to primitive human’s food availability. Grains were likely the first cultivated crops. They were less nutrient dense than fruits and vegetables, but could be grown with ease and stored for later consumption when no fresh food was available’. *excerpt from class: learn more through grain sample sharing and interactive discussion in class, along with herbal tea and cooked grain tasting. 
Length: 1.5 hours in total; 1 hour for presentation, plus 30 minutes for sample sharing and discussion. Cost: $225 up to 8 guests, $25 per additional guest

Local Food Matters

This presentation explores the issue of local food production and local politics and action groups, historic and present day human food cultivation techniques, current events and resources. Chef Laura will also provide wild harvested licorice fern tea to your group, and a platter of seasonal whole foods snacks.
Length: 1 hour in total; 35 minutes for presentation, and 20 minutes for food and discussion. Cost: $200 up to 8 guests, $20 per additional guest

Preserving Natures Bounty

This presentation features an overview of various, natural preservation methods, including techniques and pointers for canning, pickling, jams & jellies, freezing, drying, making fruit leather and dried fruit. Chef Laura’s most recent home preserves will be sampled in class, along with Wildfire bread & local cheese platter.
Length: 1 hour in total; 35 minutes for presentation, and 25 minutes for food and discussion. Cost: $200 up to 8 guests, $20 per additional guest

Book A Presentation
To book the presentation of your choice, contact us.

Your Local Food Matters presentation was great, Laura, and I have received some great feedback from staff who attended; plus a couple of emails from staff apologizing for missing out because of meetings that they were held up in. Thank you again for the presentation and I will definitely send your name out there at future government Green Team meetings. Thank you so much & have a great day.” 

Lindsay Wood, Climate Change Analyst, Fiscal Negotiations Branch Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, February 16, 2010

Thank you chef Laura, I enjoyed your afternoon of Preserving Natures Bounty. Thanks for the samples, (homemade dill pickles, spicy pickled green beans from Madrona farm, and several home made jams and jellies). I think what helps me the most in your discussion and the discussion in the round, if you will, is the demystifying of preserving. I feel that I am that much closer to participating in preserving as another tool to my ever expanding knowledge of the kitchen and all the wonderful things that come from it. I think I will start with Salsa Verde.” 

London H., Preserving Natures Bounty, Greater Victoria Compost Education Center, July 3, 2010

Chef Laura came to our home to prepare meals on a weekly basis, fresh groceries in hand. We had specific dietary requirements: primarily salt free, low fat, low sugar, high fiber and vegetarian. Laura met these criteria unfailingly, and yet was consistently able to produce extraordinary & exciting flavors in her many varied creations. Laura did all the shopping for her ingredients and clearly had exceptional knowledge about nutrition & wholesome quality products.” 

Susan & Jamie H., 2002

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