Professional Affiliations

The Good for you Gourmet is a member in good standing with the following local and international business groups and organizations:

 The Chef Alliance

The Chef Alliance presents a unified marketing alliance of personal chefs throughout Canada and around the world. The Alliance monitors and protects the integrity of the profession, by creating certification standards and offering insurance and business support to members, and promotes the Chef experience as a gift choice for every occasion.

The CPCA is located at:
Suite 593 – 1136 – 3 Centre St.
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L4J 3M8
Contact Info:
1.905.482.2433 toll free:1.877.402.3221

Chef Laura has been an associated member since 2003, and the Good For You Gourmet has been a fully insured Silver Level member since 2006

Vancouver Island Chef Alliance (ICC)

The ICC is a group of local chefs committed to building a sustainable food system on Vancouver Island: their fundraising activities generate micro-loans that enable local farms to grow more food, and connect with local merchants. Good For You Gourmet has been a member since 2015

The ICC has introduced Vancouver-based Growing Chefs program to Victoria, with ICC volunteers teaching basics of growing food and cooking to elementary and secondary school classrooms in the Greater Victoria area. Find out more here:

The Celiac Scene

The Celiac Scene offers a comprehensive listing of celiac-endorsed restaurants, retailers and services available in Canada

Mailing Address:
Ellen Bayens
892 Woodhall Drive
Victoria, B.C., V8X 3L8
Contact Info:

The GFYG joined their Celiac Scene online marketplace in December of 2009, and used the service to promote our skills with providing personal chef meal services, group and private cooking classes, and catering services for those with allergies, gluten-intolerance, and other specific dietary restrictions.

As the end of my maternity leave grew closer, I worried how my family would cope with my going back to work. I was plagued by \'what\'s for dinner?\' anxiety, and wondered how I would be able to spend quality time with my son while trying to cook dinner every day. Chef Laura\'s services were exactly what we needed to ease this transition. A well-stocked freezer of lovingly prepared, delicious and nutritious food put my mind at ease that at the end of the day my family would always be well fed.” 

Crystal & Ryan, and Liam, November 2012

As a busy individual with a lot on the go, I appreciated how quickly Chef Laura was able to accommodate my cooking request - within a week of contacting her I had a fridge and freezer full of ready-to-eat food. Laura worked to develop a menu plan that addressed both my vegan dietary choice and individual food preferences. While all the dishes were delicious, the kichadi is beyond amazing, and I will be requesting it again! Laura provided a fantastic timely service that delivered excellent vegan food, great convenience and flexibility, and a tidy kitchen to boot.” 

Dannica S., October 2010

Chef Laura came to our home to prepare meals on a weekly basis, fresh groceries in hand. We had specific dietary requirements: primarily salt free, low fat, low sugar, high fiber and vegetarian. Laura met these criteria unfailingly, and yet was consistently able to produce extraordinary & exciting flavors in her many varied creations. Laura did all the shopping for her ingredients and clearly had exceptional knowledge about nutrition & wholesome quality products.” 

Susan & Jamie H., 2002

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Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, we offer the city’s first whole foods, personal chef and catering services.

Good For You Gourmet is owned and operated by personal chef Laura Moore, and staffed by a team of food service professionals.

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